Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lace Scarves (and how to wear them!)

When I was in Brazil a few weeks ago, I saw lots of scarves, and all of them had trim on them!  They were feminine and flirty.  I had some material I wanted to make into scarves, so I picked up some lace and go to sewing!

Here are a few of the lace scarves:
These have lace hanging off the edge.
I'm also a sucker for paisley!

These have lace on the scarf rather than hanging off the edge.
These scarves have mermaids on them!
All of these scarves will be for sale at Hillcrest Harvestfest THIS SATURDAY!

Now sure how to wear a scarf?  There are a TON of ways.  These two videos show you a few different ways to stylishly sport a scarf:

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