Thursday, July 27, 2017

Video: July Five Faves | 5 Ways to Make Money

Hey everyone!  Here are a few EASY ways that I like to make a few bucks to cover things like my Netflix subscription or Amazon purchases!

Sorry for the lighting.  It was a very rainy, cloudy day, so I didn't have any natural light.  It's also blazing hot right now (over 100 degrees here!), so I didn't want to get out all the hot lights.  We're working with a ceiling fan light in this video.  I promise the content is worth it!  I didn't want to wait any longer to get these tips to you!

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đź’˛eBay, online yard sales, consignment stores, flea markets

Tell me in the comments your favorite ways to make and save money!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Decorating a Space for College Students

We just decorated a new college/young adult class at church, and I thought I'd share where we found some good deals, cute decor, and mid-century furniture!

Curtains: Walmart
Engineer Prints: Staples (ordered through ebates to get cash back and picked up in store)
Stool and tables: Walmart
Don't forget to use ebates, kids!
Hanging Shelves/Envelope Thing (not sure what to call it-- ha!): Ross
Rolling Cart: Ross
Clock: Target (used Cartwheel app for percentage off)
Grass in Concrete Vase: Michael's (used app for coupon)
Hello Sign (lights up): Macy's (clearance)
Egg Cartons: Michael's (used app for coupon)
Bowls and Cup: Walmart
Cork Squares: Walmart
Push Pins: Dirt Cheap
Sofas: Walmart (ordered through ebates)
Beanbags: Target
Chairs, Table Lamp, Wood Table, Accordion Wall Art: Dirt Cheap (everything is discounted at this store!)
Triangle Pillows, Curtains: Walmart (curtains were on clearance aisle)
Plates: Michael's (used Micheal's app for coupon)
Coasters: Walmart
Table, Salt Lamp: Ross
Coasters: Walmart
Plate: Michael's
Gold Candle: Dirt Cheap
Orange Table: Michael's (used app for coupon)
Hooray Pillow: Dirt Cheap
Pineapple Pillow, Faux Succulents, Washi Tape: Michael's (used app for coupon)
Floor Lamps, Light Box: Walmart
Banners: Target ($1 spot)
Verse Prints: can find lots on Pinterest!
Pen Holder: Walmart? (can't remember! ha!)
Letterboard: Walmart
& Sign, Crate,Terrarrium: Michael's (some were clearance items and used app for coupon on entire purchase)
Prints: Parabo
Washi Tape: Michael's
Shutter, Tin Sign: Michael's (clearance and coupon on app)
Clock: Target (used Cartwheel app for discount)
Burlap Board: Dirt Cheap (got it for $1!)
String, Mason Jars: Michael's (use their app for coupons, people!)
Pineapple Clipboard: Ross
Box: TJMaxx (clearance)
Basket: Target ($1 spot)
Cactus Bowl: Walmart


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Crush on Bathhouse Soapery + Finchberry Soap

Colin has been working a lot this summer and wanted us to get away for the day.  He wanted to go to Hot Springs, and while doing research online of things to do, he found Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium.  We hadn't been to Hot Springs recently, so we spent a couple hours walking around Bathhouse Row.  Our first stop was Bathhouse Soapery, and Colin was right about me liking this place!  It was charming and filled with goodies.  There are bath products (duh) and lip balms, candles, beard oil, facial cleanser, on and on and on.

There were lots of yummy smells, but I quickly became obsessed with the scent Milk.  It's fresh, slightly sweet, and subtle.  It reminds me a bit of Philosophy's Fresh Cream.  I've been wanting Fresh Cream spray for awhile now, but the online reviews said the scent didn't last long.  It also cost a little more than I was looking to spend.  When I discovered Bathhouse had a Milk perfume, I was pretty excited.  It's the exact scent I love for an everyday perfume.  I even got the Milk solid perfume to keep in my purse and to travel with.  I've worn it for two days now, and the scent has lasted all day!

You'll see from the picture I also got the Milk room spray (my bedroom closets smell delicious now!) and the Milk Body Oil. The oil is large, and it seems like it's going to last a while.  You can put a teaspoon in your bath or use it as a moisturizer.  I choose this over bath salts or moisturizers since it can act as both.

Colin and I also choose a couple of sample size soaps.  We got Tobacco & Rum (for him), Haute Water (for me), and No. 9 (for me to share with Harlow since it's sparkly pink).

If I had a million dollars, I would want to try more bath products, all the facial products (cleanser, oil, eye cream, etc.), the deodorants and moisturizers, guy stuff for Colin, and ALL THE THINGS.

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with everything I got and would recommend Bathhouse.

Want to know another great gift for a bath lover?  This sampler tin from Finchberry Soapery is a great way to try several of their soaps!  My sister-in-law Katie gave me the tin for my birthday, and it has 8 yummy soaps inside.

I love smelling good.  There's nothing wrong with that, right?

Go check out Bathhouse if you're visiting Hot Springs, and check out their website for other locations.  You can probably find Finchberry in a store near you or check them out online.  Let me know if you find something yummy!

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