Monday, October 29, 2018

Psalm 84: No Good Thing Does He Withhold

I started reading through the book of Psalms a few weeks ago.  Today I got to Psalm 84.  Verse 11 reads, "For the Lord is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those who walk is blameless."

You might be saying, "But is that really the case?"

In April 2012, I wrote a blog post, just barely touching on this subject.

Since that blog post, I have been more sick than I was at the time I wrote that, have had job changes, have had less money, have had a child, have been well, have been sick again, have been getting better, have had more financially, on and on.

Here is one thing that has not changed: God's goodness.

Despite the sickness, physical pain, emotional rollercoasters,  and financial strains, God has not changed or been less good.  I have seen His goodness more and more.  Not because He has been more good (excuse the grammar there), but because my eyes have been opened more to His goodness.

So, how can we say that God doesn't withhold good from us when we may be ill or financially struggling?  Maybe it's because what we deem as good isn't the same thing God deems as good.  My illness isn't good, and it's a sign of this broken world.  But this illness can be a tool in God's hand to grow me and teach me lessons I wouldn't learn otherwise.  Growing is good.  Learning is good.  God teaching me is good.

We have to see good as God sees good.  When we love and follow Him, He doesn't withhold good.  He doesn't leave us-- good.  He shelters us-- good.  He grows us-- good.  He loves us even though we never deserve it-- good.

My pastor regularly says that God is more interested in my holiness than He is in my happiness.  It's not that He doesn't want me to be happy.  It's that what He wants more is for me to be holy.  Sometimes what I see as bad is really God teaching me to be more like Him.  What I see is such a small part of the bigger picture.  I have to trust God and His plan.  Even when my health is failing or the finances are bare.  Never does the Bible say that those things will fulfill me anyway.

When you back up in Psalm 84, you see that good is dwelling with God (verse 4) and praising Him (v. 4), finding strength in Him (v. 5), abiding in His house rather than among the wicked (v. 10). Being with God is good, a God that is the only One who satisfies (Ps. 81:16).  He doesn't withhold His presence from us when we go to Him.  And even better-- He comes looking for us!

When I wrote that post in 2012, I included two videos that I'll include again.

I need daily reminders of what it means to see and receive God's goodness.  The world can tell me that's status and money and my physical appearance.  But thank goodness, goodness is so much more beyond any of that.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Video: Return to Longbow

Colin and I returned to beautiful Longbow!  Watch the video of our trip!

Video of our first trip to Longbow: click here
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