Friday, December 17, 2021

How I Plan to Study the Bible in 2022

I’ve been reading the Bible from cover to cover for the last several years. I read it in chronological order this year and highly recommended that.

I’ve been wanting to dive deeper into what I’m reading but not get behind on a daily reading plan. I don’t have the time to do both as I’m in a phase of life where I don’t have a lot of study time. I know the day is coming when I will have that time again. So I decided to change up what I’m doing next year.

For 2022 I’m planning to pause from reading the entire Bible in a year. I’m going to study books of the Bible and take however long it takes to really soak it in, no deadlines. I’m using a planner to take notes and keep track of what I’m reading. I think it will also help me make sure I don’t miss days of study since I won’t have a daily reading plan keeping me accountable.

I’ll be reading and studying on my own and then will reference commentaries and guides to learn as much as I can. I’ll share what I’m reading along the way. You can check out the Books story highlight on my profile to see what I recommend.

If you’re trying to decide how to study the Bible in 2022, my first suggestion is to read the entire Bible if you’ve never done that. You can buy Bibles that have the daily readings lined out for you, or you can find free reading plans online. It’s a completely doable plan if you commit just a few minutes a day. If you miss a day, just find some extra time the next day to catch up. Miss a week? You can still catch up! We have the time; we just have to find it and prioritize it!

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Book Ideas for Christmas Lists

Here are some book ideas for last minute Christmas gifts (for yourself even!): books + more

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