Thursday, May 26, 2011

NASCAR Experience

A few Fridays ago (as in Friday the 13th!) my dad got to drive a NASCAR (apparently the correct spelling is in all caps, but from here on out I won't be typing it that way, because I feel like I'm screaming at you!).  As long as I can remember, I've heard my dad talk about wanting to drive a car and attend a race.  Well, he still hasn't been able to go to a race, but his other dream finally came true!

My dad is a pastor, and for his birthday, the church gave him a gift package to drive a Nascar.  We drove to Fort Worth to the Texas Motor Speedway.
(click to enlarge photos)
Dad got signed in and suited up.
Mom tried not to be nervous!

They took all the participants for that time slot over to get their picture taken in the winner's circle.  This is where you see the winner being interviewed at the end of the race and everyone from his team going crazy!
I told him to act like he had just won a race!
I got a smirk and a fist pump!

Then everyone from that time slot (they have these things going all day!) went to a class that was held in the press room.  They had to listen to an instructor, watch a video, then have a question and answer session.  The instructor threatened that he was in charge and there would be no fooling around!  He said that if anyone did any burnouts, they would immediately be told to get out of the car and leave.  I'm wondering if that had been an issue.  So, no burnouts for Dad.
Some people asked questions that made you wonder if they should be allowed in the car!

Each driver gets a pager that vibrates when it's their turn.  Dad's went off before he even had time to go to the bathroom!  He went to get in the line where they fit you for a helmet.
Can you tell that he's excited?!

Then they see what car would work for your height and size.  Dad was put in a Dodge Charger.  He was excited that he got a MOPAR car since he has an antique Dodge Challenger and an antique Jeep CJ-5 and Mom drives a Jeep Commander (all MOPAR)!

There are different packages that you can buy.  For $99 you can ride in the car with a professional driver that drives 3 laps at around 170 mph (I wanted to do that, but Colin wasn't thrilled over the price!).  Another package is that you can drive yourself for 5 minutes.  The most common package is that you can drive yourself for 8 minutes.  When the church called to get the package, Nascar asked whom the gift was for.  When they found out if was for the pastor, Nascar threw in a second 8 minutes and the life insurance policy for free!  Thankfully, the life insurance policy was not needed, but Dad was so excited to drive twice!  He went around the track about 7 times in 8 minutes for a total of about 14 laps in 16 minutes.  I think the oval track was a mile and a half.  The car will go a max of 150 mph.  Dad went 149.73 mph.  Needless to say, he was a little upset that his certificate didn't say the max speed!
 He's off!
 Coming to the pit after his first 8 minutes
 Waiting for the next 8 minute session
 All done!
 He looks pretty content!
Mom looks relieved!
Me & Colin

We had a really good time.  The track is huge and really cool to see in person.  Even if you don't watch Nascar, you've got to appreciate the skill in driving that fast!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Amos Lee Download

You can download Amos Lee's new music video for FREE over at the iTunes store, so get it while you can!

National Missing Children's Day

With more tornadoes hitting last night and being very close to where I live, it's hard to think about anything else.  But today is a really important day that deserves some attention.  It's National Missing Children's Day.  There are several ways to get involved and to spread the word.  They need you to spread the word and spread awareness!  You can also check out Community Source (or on twitter) for ways to help.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feathered Hair...Not Like the '70s

I've always had a thing for feathers.  Here's proof!  I love feather jewelry and feather decor and paintings.  As a kid, I loved finding feathers on the ground...that I later had to throw out because birds carry some nasty things. 

So when I first saw a magazine that featured feathers in hair, I fell in love!  I immediately texted my friend Jessica who also does my hair and asked if she could put feathers in my hair.  About a month later, I was sporting these:
Yes, they are bold and bright!  Everyone else I saw getting them was getting them tucked under hair and picking colors to match their hair color.  I told Jessica to make mine stand out and to not hide them under layers of hair!
here they are pulled half back
here they are with my hair down...yes that's me in my bath robe ;)
I got three feathers- a blue one, purple one, and blondish yellow one.  The blue and purple feathers are short and the yellow is longer.
shameless mirror pic! here are the feathers pulled back in a ponytail

The feathers are put in like extensions (I say that, but I've never had extensions, so what do I know?) and attached to a piece of my hair.  I love the feathers!  I was really lucky that the place I go to let me pick my colors and was really affordable.  I've heard of people only being able to pick packages and not picking the feathers individually and costing twice or more what mine cost.  Do a little research on salons before you go and price shop!

Does anyone else have feathers?
and today i'm sporting the feather headband i wore to our wedding rehearsal almost two years ago!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Help for Joplin

I'm sure you've seen on the national news the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri.  I was born in Joplin and lived in Galena, Kansas (where the funnel clouds formed).  The video and news are so incredibly heartbreaking.  If you live near the area, there are several ways to volunteer.  If you're not near the area (like me), there are still a ton of ways to help.  Please check out these links:

Tornado Relief Efforts list compiled by the Girls Scouts-- GREAT LIST

You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate money.

Photos from the storm

First person video of the tornado hitting

News Coverage

You can also follow @communitysource on twitter or for updates and ways to help.

My parents haven't been able to get in touch with friends yet, but we're praying for their safety.  Sovereign God is in control and knows the needs and reasons.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tote Tute

I'm over at Community Source today doing a video tutorial.  Learn how to take an old t-shirt and make a bag-- without sewing a stitch!

Here are some screen shots (they won't play; they're just photos--sorry!).  You'll have to head on over to COSO to see the video!
Now head on over there!

Cripsy Cod

I LOVE fried fish.  And being from the south, I was raised on fried catfish.  My family used to fry fish every weekend, and when my husband and I go to visit my parents, we almost always have a fish fry.  Fried food is sadly not healthy :( and I am NOT a fan of the healthier option of baked fish.  But I think I found a remedy!  I found a way to make baked fish taste fried!

I bought good quality cod filets and seasoned and breaded them.
*I rubbed tarter sauce on each filet and then covered them in breading.
*Breading: bread crumbs, parmesan, Butt Rub seasoning (can use a seasoning salt like Lawry's or anything with some spice)
*Bake at 450 degrees for about 15 or 20 minutes
I've also found that cornmeal seasoned with garlic and seasoning salt and fish rubbed with olive food crisps up and tastes pretty good!  But overall, the bread crumb mixture and tarter sauce have been mine and my husband's favorite.

Yay for finding a way to like the healthier option!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slap Yo Momma Cobbler

Please believe me when I say this cobbler is worth the calories!  I had some fruit in the fridge that was about to overripe.  I was leaving town in a day and knew I wouldn't be able to eat all the fruit before I left.  So a cobbler was born! (It went on the road with me to my parents' house.)

Here's how you can make your own:
*Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.
*Put 4 tbsp of butter in a dish and stick it in the oven until the butter melts then take out the dish.
*Slice your fruit (I used 1 apple, 2 nectarines, 2 plums, blackberries) and mix them with a cup of sugar (I'm telling you-- it'll be worth the calories! or be good and use a sugar substitute).
*Start making the crust: mix 3/4 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 1 tsp of baking powder, 1/4 tsp of salt, 3/4 cup of milk
*Pour the crust into the pan.
*Pour the fruit on top.
*Bake for about 50 minutes or until the crust is lightly browned and bubbling
*Let cool

EDIT: Since making this several times now for a few years, I have found that you only need about 1/3 cup of sugar mixed with your fruit if your fruit is not bitter.  I only use 1/3 cup for things like peaches.  If you're using plums or anything really tart, you may want to stick to a cup of sugar.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Baby of the 80s, Child of the 90s

A few weeks ago I was at my parents' house, and mom made me clean out my old room.  She wanted me to go through and throw out what I didn't want and then neatly organize what I wanted to keep.  Here are a few things I found:
not only was this a great cartoon, but what a cool crayon package!
i was a barbie fiend and had the card to prove it!
what girl didn't love lisa frank?
 my jazz and clogging shoes-- and they still fit!
 my awesome tape collection
 bangles and tshirt ties!
 a ring and stamp in one!
 i really don't know how i got this.  i remember this show, but i think i was too young for the trading cards.  maybe they were my brother's.
disney story cassette tapes.  most people have vhs movies.  i had tapes!
and no, this wasn't in my room from way back when.  i just bought this at the store, but it reminded me of summers at the baseball fields!

oh childhood, where did you go?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Christmas Ornament Necklaces

Yes, I realize that I'm talking about Christmas ornaments in May.  I really should have blogged about this in January when Christmas ornaments were on clearance.  But I didn't.  So I slap myself on the hand.  Ok, done and moving on...

I bought some really neat heart (Christmas) ornaments at the beginning of the year when a store was clearing out its holiday merchandise.  The ornaments were so pretty and had a great vintage feel.  They were too great to enjoy for only one month out of the year.  So they became necklaces!  I put them on a chain and voila!
While it's probably difficult to find Christmas ornaments right now, maybe you can easily access some you already have that would make great jewelry!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Storms and Flowers

If you've been watching the Weather Channel or national news this past week, then you know that the South got hit hard with storms and tornados.  I live in Arkansas, and a town just down the road was almost completely wiped away by a tornado.  We've continued to get rain (until today..thankfully it stopped!), and all the water is now causing flooding problems for a lot of people.  It's been quite the week weather wise.  We haven't had any flooding, and we only lost a small tree, so we're very blessed.  I took some time to appreciate the flowers in our yard and to be thankful for what I have.

We have lots and lots and lots of honeysuckle!
We have several rose bushes all over our yard!
Look at my baby strawberries growing in the topsy turvy!  I really hope they do well...I can't wait to eat one!

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