Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Shoes for Me & ModCloth Coupon for You!

As you can see, I still don't have a solution for my deleted photos :(.  I'm still trying to cope with it.  I've been ignoring blogger, because it still frustrates me that I can't find an answer!

It's also been super busy in my world, and I just haven't found the energy to blog.  I've had some doctors' appointments and have a few more coming addition to the new job, my husband's new job, and the big surprise I've been working on for a couple months.

So I bought a new pair of shoes.

That's what you do when life is busy, right?  Retail therapy?

In all seriousness, I needed some comfortable shoes that also had some style to them.  Since my health condition is causing leg and foot pain, I need my shoes to be as comfortable as possible.  I've been sporting the Nike's quite a bit lately, but they don't look great with dresses.  Or a lot of stuff.

So I sprung for some Saltwater sandals.  I also had some credit in my Paypal account, so it helped me buy them...I love finding out I have Paypal credit I forgot about!

I ordered these beauties.

I can't wait for them to come in!  I think they'll be acceptable with skirts.

Want a pair of your own?

Just click HERE to get $10 off your order to buy some Saltwaters or something else!
(Must be new to ModCloth.  $10 off order of $50 or more.)

Once my sandals come in, I'll let you know what I think!

What shoes do you think are comfortable and stylish?  I might need to check them out!

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