Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tutorial: No-Sew LOVE Banner

Here's an easy project you can do to get ready for Valentine's Day.  It's super affordable, quick, and kid friendly.

Materials Needed:
1 sheet of pink felt
1 sheet of white felt
2 sheets of red felt
(All felt was 20 cents per sheet from Hancock Fabrics.  I'm sure you can find these sheets at any craft store.)
Glue (preferably fabric glue)

I cut each red felt sheet into two pieces for a total of four pieces.

I printed the letters L, O, V, E from a Word document.  I did two letters per page in Arial Black font, and they were the perfect size.  I traced L and V onto the pink felt and E and O onto the white felt.

Cut out the felt letters.
Flip each letter over and put glue on the edges.

Center the glued letters onto the red felt pieces.

For the end heart pieces, draw half a heart onto the pink felt.

Fold the felt over,

and cut according to the half heart drawing.

When you unfold it, you'll have a full heart.
Trace the pink heart onto the white felt.

Now you have a pink and a white heart.

Glue yarn onto the hearts and each red felt piece.

I left a foot on each end and had five inches in between each felt piece.
Let the glue dry.

I didn't want the yarn to show throw the heart, but they were looking funny and were pulling.

So, I went back and added a piece of yarn to stabilize the top of the heart.

That fixed the problem!

A festive Valentine banner!
Ruby was even posing under it!

You could go all out and make a banner that said VALENTINE!  I originally wanted to stitch red thread around the letters, but I'm pretty happy with how I left it.

Let me know if you make one!

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Kerbi said...

Such a cute idea! The banner and the mailboxes are too cute!

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