Friday, February 18, 2011

Tomato Soup from a Tomato Hater

I do not like tomato soup.  I couldn't even eat a tomato until about a year ago.  I don't like pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce, and I can only eat ketchup in small amounts.  But I made a tomato soup that was absolutely delish!  My changing taste buds (that happens, right?! :)) are slowly accepting tomatoes, and this soup was a compromise of flavors.  It was definitely a solid tomato soup, but it had enough creaminess to reel me in and keep me.
  • Here's how I made it:
  • *2 tomatoes - diced, steamed, and put in the food processor
  • and
  • *1 can of Campbell's tomato soup
  • and
  • *Good helping of dried basil (or fresh basil)
  • and
  • *1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • and
  • *1/2 cup margarine
  • and
  • *salt and pepper to taste
  • all mixed together and brought to a boil
  • *cheese and sour cream toppings

If you like tomato soup, like my husband, then you'll like this soup.  If you hate tomato soup, like me, then there's a good chance you'll like this soup too!


william colin said...

I want more!

Amber said...

YUM! I love tomatoes, so I bet I'll love this! totally going to make it :)

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