Friday, October 01, 2021

Off-the-Shoulder Dress from Men's Shirt

I needed to add some pink to my wardrobe 🌸

To make this off-the-shoulder dress, I took one of my husband’s dress shirts, cut it up, and then put it back together using Lutterloh pattern 201/202. I used French seams to keep the dress shirt look and reconstructed the sleeves to my size. I like that the pattern took a lot of the guess work out of sizing, darts, and so on, making sure that I got the most use out of the fabric since there wasn’t an abundance of material to work with. You could probably hack this without a pattern, though

This could be worn as a dress or a tunic. I think I’ll unbutton a few of the bottom buttons when wearing it with higher waisted jeans. It would be cute tucked into a longer skirt (doubling as a shirt!).

This shirt is the brand Forsyth of Canada, a nice quality shirt that you can feel and see in the fabric’s texture. Thanks, husband, for it not working for you anymore so I could butcher it!

It’s been a challenge making new garments from existing garments, because it really pushes you to be precise since you can’t run out and buy more matching fabric if you mess up or miscalculate. It saves a lot of money that would have been spent on new fabric and buttons, though!

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