Friday, October 01, 2021

Quiet Time When There Is No Quiet Time

I love looking at Instagram-worthy Bible study posts— the illustrations, elaborate highlighting, hand lettering, and sticky notes. It’s interesting and appealing to look at, but it’s not what my Bible study looks like. My Bible has some underlining, simple highlighting, and some short notes. If I have a question about a passage, I mark it with a small sticky tab. There isn’t anything artful about my study process, and that’s ok! What matters is that you read, pray, and look to learn about God that day. There’s nothing wrong with an art-filled Bible, as long as it leads to true study, but it’s definitely not a standard to try to meet.

Set aside time each day to have quiet, personal study. Don’t be disappointed when that quiet time is interrupted, though. My study time is often interrupted by a baby who won’t nap on her own or an older child who needs a snack. Study in those moments if you can. Find another time in the day to come back to study if the distractions are just too much. Make it a priority, but realize that “quiet” time looks different in different seasons of life. Let your children see you making time for study and meditation in the scripture. Ask them to be respectful of that time when they’re old enough to understand, and also teach them to read the Bible. From the time they’re born, you can read scripture to them and tell them what you read.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to have a Bible that you think is Instagram worthy, and don’t get frustrated when the time comes with distractions or interruptions. Just keep at it.

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