Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY: Upcycled Mylar Balloon Banner

I know not everyone is a craft hoarder like me.  If I think something can be used for a craft, I hang on to the huge number 1 mylar balloon from Harlow's first birthday.  Given that not everyone may have an old mylar balloon at their disposal, I know this craft may not be for you.  But even if you have a deflated mylar balloon from the grocery store that your kid just had to have, you could use that.

I took the mylar balloon and turned it into a banner for Harlow's second birthday.  It's simple, doesn't take much time, and requires minimal supplies.  I added an H to the banner that would require the purchase of cheap sequins if you decide to do something similar.  Harlow's birthday party was fish themed, so I was trying simulate fish scales.

Let's get started...

  • Take apart the balloon.  I cut all around the edge.
  • Begin cutting the balloon into strips.  There isn't a lot of rhyme or reason to this.  I tried to keep the strips close in size.  I was able to use most of the balloon since the number 1 was basically just a rectangle.
  • Put a few strips (around 6 or so) together and fold them in half.
  • Twist the top half a couple times to make a little hole at the top.
  • Use string (I used the string from the balloon) to tie the twist in place.
  • Scroll down for more...

Let's take a break to admire how quickly a toddler moves...

  • I cut an H from cardboard and glued string to the back, using tape to hold the string in place until the glue dried.
  • Get your sequins ready.  Glue them on the cardboard, making sure to turn them where the sequins layered on top cover the holes in the sequins.
  • Scroll down for more...

^there's that toddler hand trying to steal some sequins again...

  • I used twine to string the mylar and the letter.
  • Each time you add something to the twine, tie a knot to keep it in place and to keep it from sliding around the twine (not pictured).

Hang that baby up!

For the party I added some of Harlow's books that have fish in them, the favorite part of books for her.

I think I'll be leaving this up for a while.  I like the shiny addition to the dining room!  This is a cheap craft if you have a balloon floating around your house!

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