Thursday, October 06, 2016

Paintbrush Wreath

I know this trash to treasure project isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you have some unwashed paintbrushes, this might be just the idea for you!

I'm really not that bad about washing paintbrushes, but every once in awhile I just forget.  This is a few years worth of forgetting that I've been collecting.  If you don't have a stack of dirty/ruined brushes, you could buy some really cheap brushes at the craft store and dip them in some paint to get this look.

Let's get started!

Grab a wreath form and a glue gun.  I used a styrofoam wreath, because they're cheap, and it's what I had in my stash.
Styrofoam wreath forms tend to disintegrate after awhile, especially in the rain, so I wrapped it in plastic bags to give it an extra layer of protection.  Be careful using the hot glue, because it will semi melt the plastic bags, and I don't want you to get burned!  I lastly wrapped it in a blue bag just so it would look pretty.

Now start layering your brushes, gluing as you go.  When all the brushes are glued in place, go back and glue any loose places.
I glued a ribbon on the back and glued pins into the ribbon to help hold it into place.
Hang that crafty baby!

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