Thursday, August 18, 2016

Photo Album with 4x4 Square Prints

In between the time Colin and I got married and when my daughter was born, I didn't print very many photos.  I took lots of pictures, but didn't really print a lot after our wedding album.  When I was pregnant, I vowed to myself that I was going to start printing photos and be consistent with it so Harlow would have photo albums to look back at.  So far I've been sticking with it!

My pregnancy and Harlow's first year of life filled two photo albums.  I printed 4x6 photos and used traditional photo albums.  I quickly realized that I was going to have loads of photo albums with nowhere to put them if I followed this pattern for the next 18 years!

Starting in January of this year I began printing photos on 4x4 squares.  Since they are smaller, you can fit more in an album, meaning more photos and less albums!

I printed all of these photos you see (and many more) for FREE!  Yep!  I had to pay shipping but didn't pay for the photos themselves.  Using the Shutterfly app (you can also use their website), I selected photos from my phone, instagram, and Facebook.  Every so often they run a promotion where you can get unlimited photos for free.  I take advantage of it!  The photos are 4x4 glossy squares.

I ordered the photo album sleeves from Amazon  You can put photos back to back just like a regular photo album sleeve.  That means 18 photos per sleeve!   I'll choose an album to put them in once I wrap up the year.  There are several album choices on Amazon and at Hobby Lobby.

I hope this week of photo projects gave you some ideas and inspiration!


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