Friday, October 30, 2015

Harlow's First Birthday- Crown & Headband

The birthday girl got a crown for her birthday!  Everyone has this crown at their home-- it's made from a toilet paper roll!
Take the cardboard from a finished roll of toilet paper, cut the top to resemble the top of a crown, paint it pink, paint glitter on top, cut a small slit to slip a hair clip in-- Voila!

For her birthday party, I made Harlow a felt flower crown.  Here were some sites of inspiration: tiny turbans and VictoriasClass.

I searched Pinterest for tutorials on how to make different styles of felt flowers.
I hand-stitched buttons on some of the flowers and stitched sequins and beads on some of the leaves.

I then used a combination of fabric glue and hand-stitching to attach the flowers and leaves to a strip of felt.
I laid a piece of floral wire on the back of the strip of felt and glued another strip of felt on top.  This allowed the flowers to bend to the shape of Harlow's head.

I glued a hair clip to the center of the finished felt strip and clipped it to a stretchy headband that I purchased.
I used floral wire in two other places to attach the crown to the headband so it wouldn't move.

Grown-ups can wear these too, right?

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