Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tutorial: Pillow Pallets

Note: Google deleted several of my blog pictures. It was a sad day, because this was the only place that some of these photos were ever saved. I'm sorry that the step-by-step photos are gone. I came across a picture of one of the finished pallets so you could see what it looked like completed.

If you're on Pinterest, then you've probably seen the pillow mattresses.  And there's even a blog to show you how to make them.  So why am I blogging a tutorial?  Well, I made it a little differently.  (And because I can.)

My friend Jen wanted some made for her two girls, so she took them to pick out fabric and let me tinker with a new way to sew them.

Pick out two fabrics-- one for front and one for back.  If you get 2 1/2 yards of each fabric, you'll have plenty left over to make a bag (you'll see at the end!)

1. Cut the front and back pieces each to 74x34 inches.

2. Lay right sides together.

3. Sew three sides together with a two inch seam.
The two inch seam gives you plenty of material to play with in case you ever need to let a seam out or if you decide to serge the seam.

4. Iron the seams open.

5. On the side that you didn't sew, we need to make a hem.
a. I folded the fabric in about an inch and then folder it over again.
b. Iron the hem flat.

6. Sew the folded hem with a straight stitch

7. Cut the corners where you sewed up the sides, so that when turned inside-out, the corners will pop out nicely.

8. Turn the pillowcase inside out, and iron down all the seams.

9. Now let's make pockets for the pillows!
a. Measure down every 18 inches and make a mark.
b. Sew a straight line evenly across (through both layers of fabric) at each mark.
c. Sew a second line to make a strong seam.
You will have three seams to sew to have pockets for four pillows.

Stuff the pillows into the case!

I didn't want to put the girls' pallets on my floor, so I threw back the covers and tried it on my bed!
It's so comfortable!  And you can fold the top pillow under to be propped up!

It all folds up nicely for moving from place to place!
You can take the pillows out and wash the case and pillows separately!  Much easier than squeezing the whole thing in a small washer!

Since I had fabric left over, I made the girls matching bags to carry their cases in!

This project took a Saturday with time to spare.  I even took sewing breaks to do some cleaning!

Let me know if you try or if you have any questions about the instructions!

Or let me know if you want to hire me to make some for you!

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Christine said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! My girls would FLIP OUT with those!!

Please come over to The DIY Dreamer and share this with my readers... please :)

Terri said...

this is adorable! I did see that on pinterest but you really do make it sound easy and I love the color choices, plus that bag, awesome!!

Loren said...

i LOVE these! Great job!!

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