Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tartar Sauce Remix

Get's about to get wild and crazy up in here!

We're doing the tartar sauce remix!

(Really what this means is we're taking a condiment and making it better.)

Break it down, now...

Instructions for the tartar sauce remix:
*Take pre-made tartar sauce (I used Kraft...hated the taste of it...tasted like straight mayonnaise..ick)
*Add ingredients to your liking (I added sweet relish and garlic...I would have added horseradish if I had had any)
*Mix together
And that's the tartar sauce remix!

I put my new concoction back in the bottle (after removing some of the pre-made tartar sauce to make room).

Now it tastes so much better and was easier than making it from scratch!

This remix won't give you a workout, but it will make your taste buds dance for joy!


Anonymous said...

I do that with Ranch dressing a lot. I add in some cumin and chilli powder and make it Mexi-Ranch.

marla grace said...

@cadycupcake-- that's genius! i can never find store bought ranch that i like...i'm going to try that!

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