Friday, August 26, 2011

Tutorial: Shirts to Pillows

One of the simplest ways to decorate your home is with pillows.  They add character and color.

But pillows are sometimes very expensive in stores.  And with pillows being relatively easy to make (you can even hand stitch!), it's usually more affordable to make your own.

It's even more affordable when you make pillows out of tshirts!
There are a ton of tutorials on making pillows and making t-shirt pillows, so if my instructions aren't clear enough, do a google search, and I'm sure you'll find lots of tutorials!  I just hope I can be of some help!

Pillow 1
A friend gave me this shirt in college, and the more I washed it, the more distressed it became.  It really wasn't wearable anymore, so I distressed it even more with white paint and bleach pens.

I cut through both layers of the shirt a rectangle.
With right sides together, I sewed around the edge of the shirt

I left a small opening so I could pull the shirt right side out.

I clipped the edges of the corners so they would turn in nicely.

Now turn the shirt right side out and you have your unstuffed pillow!

Now just fill it with stuffing!  I got stuffing on sale at Hancock's.  You can also get it at Walmart.
Then hand stitch or sew the opening closed.

Pillow 2
I bought this shirt at a resale shop.  It was like new (no stains!), but didn't fit very well.

I cut a rectangle through both sides of the shirt.

This shirt is different because I sewed around the shirt with right sides facing out.  It left with me raw edges (what I was going for!).
I did a straight stitch and then went back with a decorative stitch.
Here's the opening once the shirt is turned right side out

Then stuff the shirt and sew the opening closed.

Shirt 3
I got this shirt at Gap and have had it for awhile.  I distressed it with a bleach pen on both sides of the shirt.

Then I made it the same way I made Shirt 1.

Before you throw out old shirts or take them to donate, think about if they might make good pillows!

Like the scarf bags, these too will be for sale soon...details soon!

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