Wednesday, December 08, 2010

DIY Mini Stockings- Christmas at the Workplace

I'll have the Day 3 Giveaway posted this evening.  I have to get pics of it to announce what it will be!  So come back tonight to enter.  Here's a hint...

Another lady and I were tasked with decorating our office for Christmas.  As a little treat for everyone, we made personalized stockings.

To make the them, we bought packs of the mini stockings (all Christmas items are 50% off at Hobby Lobby) and cardstock stickers.
 The stickers surprisingly stayed on well.
Everyone got a lump of coal (chocolate) in their stocking (bought at Big Lots but are also available at Walgreen's).

The work tree we had was falling apart last year, so we went and bought a 3 ft tree and loaded it down with ornaments.  Everyone is referring to the tree topper as fireworks.

We had centerpieces that were dated, falling apart, and didn't match our new building.
I took out the gold ribbon and gold sprigs and replaced them with silver ribbon and red and silver ornaments and a silver candle (sorry, no 'before' picture).
Have dated decorations?  Instead of throwing them out, just update them!

We also had to work some magic on the outside of the building.
The mesh ribbon can be a headache to work with!
 But it does put me in the Christmas spirit!
 Don't be afraid to work with it.  Make it big and make it do what you want!

And our work party is today at lunch, so I had to dress for the occasion!
Snoopy Shirt: WalMart (last week)
Green Cardigan: Target (two weeks ago)
Sweater Boots: Old Navy (last year)
Jeans: Eddie Bauer (last month)

And look at my USB desk tree!

Come back later tonight for the daily giveaway and to see how I decorated my house for Christmas!


Collette said...

I love those mini stockings! I wish I worked in a place where we could decorate for Christmas, even just in the staff areas!

I think I'm gonna try and get them to agree to it next year!


Unknown said...

Love the fireworks treetopper and the mesh ribbon at the entryway. The stockings are cute. Wish I would have found some for small gifts I had to give.

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