Friday, December 17, 2010

Thrift Store Refashion- Jacket Out Of A Shirt

This refashion was inspired by this post.  While I don't think my fabric is as fab as the sequin jacket, I wanted to give the project a try.

I bought my shirt for $1 at the humane society thrift store.
Here's the front:

And the back:
I snipped off the button and cut down the back seam.  The back became the front.

It definitely was a little baggy, so I added some elastic to the inside back (formerly the front)
If you've never sewn with elastic before, I recommend reading some tips online.  It's easy to work with if you know a few tricks.  That'll be a post for another time ;).

Added ribbons to each side of the newly hemmed front (formerly back) and tied it in a bow.

Yes, I took these pictures with my phone AND took pictures of myself.  That's what you do when your real camera is on the fritz and your hubby isn't around.
With the elastic there is now a semi-waistline.

This project cost me $1.  I already had the ribbon on hand.  Yay!


KristaSwan said...

Well done!
I have a whole bag of clothes that need to be re-purposed. I can't resist pretty fabric! I just need to make the time to actually do something with them. Good job, thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Love your DIY! So cool!

Co-founder of

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