Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Gifts for You

Stationery (with an 'e' because stationary with an 'a' means 'not moving'...thank you English teachers) freebies:
Gnoma Notes
Christmas Cards
Holiday Message Printables
UPDATE: One More Printable!

Tree tutorial (this is on my list to do for next year):
Magazine Christmas Trees

A song for you:


Holly said...

i love that video!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU for making the stationery/stationary distinction. It's one of the many things that drives me crazy, especially when a stationery business uses stationary. Now I have to go back and check the links. ;-}

Unknown said...

Thanks for the links. Loved the song and the video. I'd never heard it and will see if I can find more by the artists. Such beautiful voices are a gift in themselves.

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