Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Summer Craft: Shrinky Dinks

There’s a never ending heat wave and drought going on here, so we’ve been looking for indoor activities. Here’s one you may want to try!
About a month ago, I pulled out the shrinky dinks sheets that I’ve had for over a decade. Then, a couple weeks ago, we went to the library for a free activity where you could make shrinky dinks. It’s easy, good for any age (Elodie “helped” me with my rainbow), and addicting!
It’s basically plastic sheets that you draw on, and then they shrink down 10 times their size in the oven. They’re so fun!
I got my sheets on sale at @hobbylobby ages ago. You can also grab kits on Amazon.
Have you ever made shrinky dinks?
I can’t find them currently on Hobby Lobby’s site, but here are some Amazon links.

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