Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Learning to Crochet


I was itching to learn something new. I needed to challenge myself but also have an outlet to relax and unwind. I hoped crocheting would tick those boxes.

I watched two YouTube videos on how to crochet granny squares. I pulled out yarn that I’ve had for years that was always too thin for knitting projects I was working on. I had a crochet hook from middle school when a teacher taught a few of us to crochet a line (but I guess we never moved past that or I’ve forgotten).
For a few weeks, I’ve been crocheting late at night after the girls are in bed, while riding in the car, and one last marathon session this past Sunday evening to finish my project.
I decided to make a tank top. I had no pattern. I just drew on garment making knowledge to figure out measurements and construction. I crocheted a ton of granny squares of varying sizes and then joined them together.
The final product is imperfect. It’s a bit too loose, a little wonky in places, and if you look closely, you’ll see I miscounted stitches in places. But I did it! I learned something new and actually turned it into something! You can do the same! You can learn new things. I squeezed in pockets of time to work on it. It took me way too many hours to complete, but I just bit it off a little at a time. I liked that once I learned the pattern of crocheting that particular granny square, it became like second nature and something that I could do to lull my brain at the end of the day.
I keep hearing crafters call crocheted clothing summer attire, but I think since we’re setting heat records over here, this will be something I save for an Arkansas autumn!

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