Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Embroidered Christmas Ornament

I know, I know.  Christmas is over.  We won't discuss whether or not I still have a tree up.  Here's a little Christmas craft that fell in between the blogging cracks.

One thing Colin and I do each year is buy an ornament to celebrate one more Christmas together.  We find an ornament we both like and write the year on it.

This year I made our yearly ornament with my embroidery machine.

The nativity design is from Lynne Pinnie.  I embroidered it on muslin.  Then I embroidered Christmas 2015 on another piece of muslin.  I left the tear-away backing on each piece to keep it stiff. I cut the pieces into an oval and stitched them together on my sewing machine, sewing in a piece of yarn to hang it.

Thanks for excusing my late Christmas craft.  Maybe it will give someone an idea for next year. :)

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