Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tutorial: Sweatshirt to Cardigan

I bought this sweater for 70 cents from TJMaxx.  Yep, 70 cents!

I'm pretty sure it was so cheap because there were two holes in the front.  It also fit very oddly.

I decided to convert it to an oversized cardigan, because I couldn't wear it as-is.
First I cut down the middle of the front of the sweatshirt.

Then I measured two inches all the way down on both sides.  That was enough for the holes to be hidden and the V at the top of the sweatshirt to be hidden.

I folded over the two inches and pinned all the way down.

Then I folded that under itself in half so it would make a nice, clean hem.

Then I sewed the hem with a straight stitch.

Nice, clean hem!

Here's the final product:
My husband said it looked like something from Urban Outfitters......so that pretty much means it still looks 80s.  But I like it!  I've thought about sewing some chunky buttons on it or some other type of frill. What do you think?

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