Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet My Craft Room

This week I'll be sharing some of my latest crafting projects with you.  I thought to start the week off, I'd introduce you to my craft room!  While I try to stay organized, I don't kill myself doing it.  I think everything should have its place, but I also think that life is too short to make your house feel like a showroom rather than a home.  I say all that to say that you'll notice that my craft room has a bit of mess to it.  But it's a craft room!  There are always unfinished projects laying around, and that's how it should be!  (Click pictures to enlarge)

When Colin and I bought our house, this room had been used as a baby girl's room.  That's why it's pink and green!  While it was an adorable nursery, we don't have use for it seeing as though we don't have any kids.  Since the room connects to the laundry room, it became an extension of the laundry room and my craft room.

I know this is a terrible picture!  I wanted to use it to show that this room has incredible natural light.  Two of the walls are completely windows that look into the back yard.  People that come over love this room for that reason.  This is where my dog spends her days while we're at work, so that's her princess bed (it's a popazon chair cushion folded in half!).  I use the curtain rods to air dry clothes and to hang up things I'm mending/hemming/altering.

In the room I have our laundry baskets (not enough room in the laundry room), ironing board, craft desk, coat closet, and a floor shelf (you'll see that in a minute).
Under my craft desk, I have rolling bins where I store art supplies.
On my desk, I have a bulletin board of nic-nacs, my sewing machine, pens, speaker for my iPod, printer/scanner/copier, sewing box, cigar box of buttons, and lots of other miscellaneous sewing things.

In the corner I have a shelf for fabric, tiles, canvas, and any other bigger art supplies.

Here are a few more shots of the room:
The door straight ahead goes into the laundry room and has a mirror on it for checking my alterations.  The door to the left goes into our bedroom, so I can craft late into the night and then fall into bed!

Thanks for checking out my craft room.  I hope I inspired someone to set up her own room or to jazz up a current one.  I have lots of work left to get this perfectly organized, but I think it works pretty well this way.

I'd love to see pictures of where you craft!  Post a link to some of your photos!

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Unknown said...

How lucky to have all those windows, light AND a great view. I think I'd spend all my time there!

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