Friday, August 20, 2010

What's App?

I'm new to the iPhone world and thought I'd share some applications that I'm currently loving.

Photo Apps
Hipstamatic: You've probably seen a ton of Hipstamatic prints on Facebook.  With this app, you can change your lens, film, flash, and purchase even more options.  This is a fun way to get a vintage look.  This app doesn't do great in low light situations (even with the iPhone 4's new flash).  Here's an example of a low light situation that turned out pretty good, though:
IncrediBooth: This is as the name suggests-- photo booth photos (just like at the mall!).  This is fun and comes with 3 options: color, black & white, antique.  On the iPhone 4, it uses the front camera, so you can see yourself just like in a photobooth.  Example:
PhotoShop Express: This app is free and lets you edit photos in your photo library or one you take within the app.  You can add different filters and effects, but as far as I can tell, you can't add text yet.  Does anyone know differently?  Example (my Hello Kitty toaster that toasts Hello Kitty's face onto your toast!):
Plastic Bullet: This app takes a picture and gives you an endless amount of effects.  You can save as many effects as you want.  Each tap of the screen presents a new effect.  Example:

Game Apps
Angry Birds: Warning: Angry Birds is addicting.  The Lite version is free, but you'll quickly finish all the levels.  The paid version has several levels, and they keep adding more levels.  The object is to use birds with different skills to kill green pigs.  Fun, right?!
TapWord: If you've ever played BookWorm, it's kind of like that.  This app is free and fun to play.
Words With Friends: Once I downloaded this free app, TapWord was put on the back burner.  Words With Friends is liking playing scrabble, and you actually play with your friends that also have the app on their phones.
Talking Tom: This cat repeats what you say, drinks milk, and falls down when you punch, kick, or pull his tail.  You can also record his actions and make a video.  This app is free.  And makes me giggle.
Qrank: This is a free app that quizzes you on pop culture of all sorts.  You can play a Qrank game once a day, but play unlimited live games with other players.

Music Related Apps
I Am T-Pain: Autotune just like a rapper!  This app has songs you can sing along with or you can purchase more songs to sing with.  A new feature lets you rap with video.  My husband doesn't think it's quite as funny as I do.  But my dog likes when I rap about her in autotune.  Headphones are a must when recording; otherwise, it's squeals and buzzes.
Glee: Sing along with the Glee stars!  Headphones are a must for this app as well.
Pandora: This free app lets you decide what you what to listen to.  Create radio channels based on musicians you like.  Don't like a song?-- skip to the next song.  This is great!
VoicePlus: This free app allows you to record your voice to sound like a mouse, horn, whatever!

This app is free and lets you share information with friends.  All you do is literally bump two iPhones together, and you can send photos, contacts, whatever!

What apps do you use and love?  I'd love to hear about more apps I should download!

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Rikki Cupcake said...

punch a kitty? hrm not too sure about that app. (: i am old school and i have just a silly plain cell phone, iphones are for techies not for rikkis. (: i hope you are having a great day!

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