Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Dress A Day

My friend Sarah was kind enough to send me this link.  And I was instantly hooked.
Marisa set a year challenge of making a dress a day from (get this!) thrift store clothing!  Each outfit starts out looking pretty hideous and extremely oversized.  Then she works her magic to create a darling new outfit.  Sometimes it's as simple as taking in the sides, and other times it's as complicated as taking the entire piece apart and starting from scratch.
Check out New Dress A Day for inspiration and a dose of Marisa's humor.  If you're like me, you'll go back and read every single post.  It's that addicting!
Here's a before and after:
Cute, huh?

While you read, you might want some music to listen to (if you're like me and need to music to breathe!).
Here's a little cover from Stacy DuPree of Eisley.

1 comment:

mro said...

Yes, this site is amazing! That dress reconstruction you featured is one of my favorites!!!

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