Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mmm i smell/look so good!

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i've been thinking about trying out CrazyLibellule and the Poppies solid perfumes for about a year now, but i never took the plunge.  well, when you travel as much as i do for work and family/leisure, you want something that's easy to pack and won't spill.  i never pack my perfumes (i only have two i buy that really cost anything-- maybe a post about that in the future!) because i'm afraid they'll break or spill and ruin clothes and makeup.  and it'd be a waste of money to lose the perfume!  i've usually bought small, cheap body spray, but even that has issues of spilling.  so i've found a solution!  i finally bought some solid perfumes this week and love them!  the two scents i got are vanilla lemon pie and ananas imperial (pineapple scent).  they smell yummy and are spill-proof!  they're even small enough for a carry-on!  if you like to stay smelling good all day, you'll need to reapply, but i'm okay with that!  i bought these at sephora, and they have several more scents to choose from!

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here's another beauty must-share: beauti control's primer in natural!  i've used this primer for a few years, and i am a living testimonial of how great it is!  i have dry skin, so in the winter it was always a pain to put makeup on.  no matter how much i moisturized, my skin didn't want any makeup on it!  my mom sells beauti control and suggested this product.  i put it on after i wash and moisturize my face.  then i put on my makeup and it goes on smoothly and looks great!  the natural primer is clear, so it doesn't add any color to your face.  i have used it with liquid foundation, creme powder, pressed powder, loose powder, and mineral powder-- and it works with them all!

i've tried other primers and have to say that i think this beauti control primer in natural is the best (i promise i'm not just saying it-- i honestly stand behind it!).  another good primer is philosophy's the present, and i really like it.  i don't use it too much with foundation, but the primer is much thicker and sometimes has trouble working with the foundation.  i love it in the summer because i can wear it alone and feel like i have some coverage or pair it with mineral powder.

the beauti control primer also comes in green (mint), which is great for blemishes, and in mauve to even skin tone, and in yellow for dark spots.  i have tried and own all the products!

never tried beauti control?  just ask me about a product, and i'll give you input.  i'll even let you know what i think doesn't work so well-- honesty is the best policy!  i use their makeup and skin care line, and i think my skin looks pretty good-- even for having extremely dry skin!

want to purchase some beauti control?  my mom sells it and she sells it for her price-- which means she doesn't mark it up to make a commission!  she just sells it because she believes in it and wants to make it available to others.  so if you see something online that you like, you'll get it cheaper from her!  message me if you want some more information about ordering.

woah that was a long post!  but i had so much to share!

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