Sunday, November 21, 2021

Biscuit Board

Maybe you have guests staying over for the holidays, and you need to have breakfast planned. Grab the leftover ham and turkey and make an eye-catching biscuit board. There’s almost nothing better than homemade biscuits, but we’re using frozen biscuits. Who wants to do more complicated cooking the day after a big feast? No one. Bring out sweet and savory toppings like butter, honey, cream cheese, cheese slices, whatever sounds like the perfect breakfast sandwich to you. You can add fruit and nuts to add visual interest and to snack on as you assemble your biscuit sandwiches. This is the time to pull out that charcuterie board and let everyone gather around and graze. If you don’t have a board, use plates or even a cookie sheet. But don’t stress about presentation. It’s all about how the food tastes anyway. 

Ingredients You May Want to Grab

Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits

Cheese Tray (Cracker Barrel or Great Value)

Cream Cheese Spread



Fruit (pears, grapes, bananas, apples)

Mixed Nuts



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