Tuesday, November 16, 2021



Who else is already listening to Christmas music?

I know this is venturing off the path of my Leading Ladies series, but I just had to draw Bing Crosby. Harlow, my seven-year-old, loves Bing Bong, as she lovingly and mistakenly refers to him. She loves him in White Christmas, but she also loves to hear him sing. When a song he sings comes on the radio and it’s sung by someone else, she says, “Bing Bong sings it better.” That’s some serious loyalty. Bing is also a favorite of my husband, Colin, who grew up hearing Bing’s music at his grandmother’s house. I don’t have childhood memories of Bing Crosby, so I don’t have the attachment and fondness they have of him. Isn’t it interesting how our childhood forms lifelong loves? I might have to draw my childhood favorites and share those with you. Any guesses to who an 80’s baby/90’s kid loved?

Now, back to the subject of Christmas music and if you are already listening to it or if you have a rule about when to start— let me know!

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See the Haynes sisters here.

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