Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Have you ever wondered if your job/vocation/daily activities can be used by God?

In Exodus 35, we read about the building of the tabernacle. I get excited every time I read this passage. Here’s why:

First, God called for the Israelites to give out of willingness and to give from their hearts (35:21, 22, 26, 29). We must be willing and have a heart turned to serving God.

God tells Moses that he has prepared craftsmen to do the jobs needed to construct the tabernacle. God used artists, weavers, and perfumers, men and women, to make His dwelling place! As someone who loves to create, this gets me excited! I’m not saying I’m creating the tabernacle over here, but God gives people different giftings and abilities to do His work!

The most exciting thing— God supplied the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge the craftsmen needed to do the work and filled them the Holy Spirit to do it (35:31). They had never built a tabernacle before, but God abled them to do the work they were called to do.

You may not be a craftsman, and we’re not building a tabernacle, but if God calls you to do something, He will equip you to do the work. If he has called you to your day-to-day work (nursing, teaching, studying, cooking, cleaning, running a business, designing, parenting), then He will equip you and use you and your willing heart in His kingdom work and in His church.

When God calls us, He equips us to do the work.

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