Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weekend in Waco (Places to Shop + Video)

My mom and I took a trip with Katie and her mom to Waco this past weekend.  I have been to Waco once for my old job but didn't do much while I was there.  If you watch HGTV, then you're sure to know about Waco, thanks to the show Fixer Upper.  If you've been living on a deserted island and don't know about Fixer Upper, it's a show where the husband and wife team Chip and Joanna remodel homes in/around Waco.  Last year they moved their retail store to a bigger space that has become a mecca for fans of the show.  We decided to drive down to check out the Magnolia Silos and see what else we could find in town.

We got to Waco a little before noon and headed straight to Magnolia  Market.  We stayed for a couple hours and took our time walking around the grounds.  It was very, very hot, so my suggestion is to go when the weather is cooler.  When we got there, we walked around outside and then headed into the store, which by the way is not in the silos.  I may be the only person who thought the silos were functional and not just for looks.  The store was crowded with people, which made it hard to really shop.  It was neat to see Joanna's products in person.  I've looked online, but you can't always get a feel for what the items looks like online.  The store displays were inspirational but also reminded me a bit of Anthropologie, which I also love.  It was a bit stressful with all the people.  We were there on a Friday, so I can only imagine what  Saturday is like.

We ate lunch at the food trucks on the grounds.  I had a jalapeƱo popper crepe.  It was delicious!  We also waited in line to see inside the tiny bakery, and I had a bite of Katie's espresso cupcake-- also delicious!  We walked around the garden and in the little garden shop.  I just wish it hadn't have been so hot!

A part of me was a little disappointed that there wasn't a little more to the retail space.  The space is large, but there was a repeat of some items in the store, and it was too hard to move around with all the people.  The merchandise was also on the expensive side.  The space is beautiful.  I just don't know what I was expecting, but I've talked to several people who felt the same way.  It's definitely worth the visit if you're in Waco, but I don't know that it's worth the trip alone.

Cute tea towels at The Findery that I texted to Colin-- ha!

From Magnolia we walked to The Findery, a beautiful two-story retail space with clothes, accessories, decor, and kids items. The items are on the higher end, but I did snag some stuff for Harlow and my nephew.  It's definitely worth the walk over if you're at Magnolia.

Lots of cute clothes here!  The store was filled with college girls, and the style caters to that age.  Hopefully it's okay that I liked it too even though I'm 31 ;).  I got a tunic, and Katie got some fringe boots.

I've been to stores of this same concept before, but this is the largest collection of trendy booths I've ever seen.  This place is huge.  It's filled with booths of clothes, accessories, decor, kids items, and gifts.  You could spend a lot of time in here.  This place was hopping, but it's large enough that you don't feel crowded by other shoppers.  It's in the same building as Roots Boutique.

We finished up Friday night with dinner at Chuy's, one of my favorite restaurants!

We woke up Saturday to start a marathon day of shopping.

This adorable store has a mix of old and new.  From furniture to decor, you might find an eclectic piece that's perfect for your home.

We made a quick stop by this cute candy store and walked down the road.

We spent more time here than we did at any other place.  The store is filled with booths of jewelry, clothes, baby items, and more.  We even ate lunch here at the little cafe.  This is a must if you're in Waco.

We didn't know about Laverty's when we got to Waco, but several store owners told us about it.  It's only open on occasion, but we lucked out, and it was open while we were there.  I got an antique chair for Harlow.  It's a flea market with lots of interesting pieces at good prices.  There was another store next door, but I forgot to take a picture or jot down the name.

Shades of ShabbyJunk in the Trunk, and The Junky Monkey (all on La Salle Ave.) were our last stops, and each have a mix of old and new items to help you get the farmhouse look in your home.  It was 5:00 when we wrapped up, which is when the rest of the stores on our list closed.

We didn't get to make it to every store we wanted to see.  Here are a few more places we wanted to check out:

and so many more!

If you're in Waco, I hope this list helps you pick some fun things to do and see!

Here's a little video of our trip:

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