Friday, October 27, 2017

Embroidered Fox Raglan Tee

For Harlow's third birthday, we had a pumpkin patch party.  For her first birthday, I made a pumpkin shirt, but I don't really want to dress her in a pumpkin shirt once December gets here.  I wanted something that wouldn't look out of season once fall is over.  I thought this fox design was perfect for a fall birthday but would still be cute through spring!

The fox design is actually an appliqué, but I skipped the appliqué stitches on my embroidery machine and just did the satin stitches (or whatever they're called) that you see.  I did the H the same way, skipping the appliqué.  The H is also from Planet Appliqué, and (if I remember correctly) it's the Landon Alphabet.  Side note: I got the fox and alphabet for free!  Planet Appliqué offers free files on occasion.  Follow her on Facebook and sign up for emails to know when free files are available.

I used Sew What Pro to resize the fox and H and to remove the overlap stitches.

The raglan tee is from Walmart for less than $4!  Be sure to order it through ebates to get cash back!

I paired this top with a fox bow that was from my boutique I owned.  When I found out I was having a girl, I immediately bought the bow from the lady that made them for my store!

A toddler in a fox shirt is about the cutest ensemble.  And raglan tees-- the best!

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