Sunday, April 03, 2016

Insta-Recipes 4.0

If you're on instagram, come say hi!  My username is @marlaplainandsmall.  Here are a few shots of what I've been cooking and sharing on the gram!

I used my grandmother's antique cookie cutters to make some sugar cookies for my husband's work.  I used the same cookie recipe that I used at Christmas.  It's such a good recipe.  I used store-bought cookie icing from a pouch, squeezed it into a bowl, and added food coloring.

Here is my Tropical Smoothie Cafe Avocolada hack.  Colin said he thinks it tastes almost identical.  It's pretty tasty.

This recipe, although technically edible, is for your body!  I have very dry skin and like the idea of using a lotion that's natural.  This lotion works well and absorbs into the skin quickly.

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