Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Napkin - Several Projects (Part 1)

For the next three days, I'm going to show you how one small piece of fabric (cloth napkins, actually) can make multiple items!

I found this napkin at Dillard's and loved the circles pattern.

Reusable Shopping Bag
I got a small (new) reusable shopping bag and cut the napkin to cover one side of the bag.

Then I took a second napkin and cut out a small square.

I hand stitched both pieces to the front of the bag.
Hand stitching will take some time, but it adds lots of character!
And I did it while watching tv!
And I made a little pocket inside!

with velcro

Small bag
with tie closure
and pleated bottom

Three separate pieces made from one napkin (and assistance from a second napkin)!
Never think that a small piece of fabric can't be of use!
You can buy all three of these bags at The Green Corner Store!

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