Monday, April 12, 2010

Tutorial ~ Plate Art- For $1 a Plate!

I got an email from West Elm that had the cutest plates!  The plates aren't very expensive, but since I didn't want to use them for food (just for decoration), I thought I could make these on a much smaller budget.

I bought 3 off-white ceramic plates for $1 each at Dollar Tree.  I used black paint that I already had.  So this project cost me a total of $3!!!

I found designs I liked (Google search) and used A Plate a Week for inspiration.

I printed and cut out the designs and used a sharpie to trace them onto the plates.

Then I painted in the designs and voila!

These will eventually hang in my kitchen.  You definitely would NOT put food on these.  They are for decoration ONLY.

1 comment:

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

such a wonderful idea. i lovelovelovelovelove this!!!!!


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