Thursday, April 29, 2021

Where to Find Strength

I’m still working my way through reading the Old Testament for this year. Right now I’m in the middle of King David’s life. He’s one person in a long list of warriors, judges, and leaders, men and women, that I’ve read about so far. God fights for his people time and again and reminds them that He’s the Almighty Lord who goes before them and enables them. This quote from Paul David Tripp sums up so much of how we see how God works in people in the Old Testament. When God chooses someone to lead or fight, the person succeeds in God’s strength. Why would we think that we could live any other way? Our strength has limits and flaws. God’s perfect strength is limitless! Rest in Him and seek Him and spend time with Him to find the strength you need for today. 

The quote from Paul David Tripp is from his book Sex in a Broken World.

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