Saturday, January 30, 2021

Video: No-Heat Wavy Hair


Here's how I get wavy hair without using any heat! If you were a 90’s kid like me, you might have grown up sleeping with foam rollers in your hair for special occasions. You might remember the feeling of your hair still being damp in the morning and curls not staying. You might also remember your hair getting tangled in the rollers and how uncomfortable it could be sleeping on top of a pile of plastic and foam. Here’s a better way to wake up with beachy waves! I saw someone post that they were trying the bathrobe curling trend, but they couldn’t get it to work. They didn’t post any instructions other than showing wrapping their wet hair around the robe. Here’s the number one trick you need to know: don’t leave your hair wet! You must dry your hair! If you think your hair needs some moisture in it to curl, dry it and then add moisture back with products or water in a spray bottle. AND make sure your scalp is dry. If your roots are wet, the wetness will travel down to the rest of the hair. I didn’t invent the bathrobe method (and I don’t know who to credit for coming up with it), but the two people I’ve seen doing it are doing it with wet hair. Try it with dry hair first and see if you get the same great results I’ve been getting. I HAVE to use mousse to get it to work, but use whatever curling/texture product works best for your hair type. This curling method has been a lifesaver for me! I’m short on time right now with taking care of a baby. This takes barely any time and lasts for so many days! Please let me know if you try it and if you have tips and tricks to share! What I Used: ‣My husband gifted me the bathrobe a few years ago. I think it’s from Walmart! ‣Aquis Hair Turban: ‣The mousse is from EVA NYC, but they don’t make it anymore. I really like it, so that makes me sad! ‣It’s a 10 Silky Express Leave-In: ‣Alterna Glow for It Hair Gloss: ‣Dyson Hair Dryer: I think it’s silly I have to say it, but I feel I should in case I get comments about it. I know this is a very expensive hair dryer. You do not need it. It is very nice, though. My husband gave it to my for my birthday a few years ago. It’s the biggest birthday gift I’ve gotten. It was quite the splurge, and he wouldn’t let me take it back! I do really like it and the difference I feel it’s made with my hair. You know I love a good sale, and all the other products used were bought on sale (every. single. one.), so don’t come at me about this hair dryer! :)

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