Tuesday, February 12, 2019

God Gives Boldness to "Ordinary" People

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God gives boldness to "ordinary" people.

Two things I learned today from the book of Acts:
•Photo 1: Peter and John were put in prison for preaching about Jesus. The sermon that got them arrested resulted in 5,000 believing in Jesus! When they were released from jail, they went back to tell their fellow believers (the church) about the threats they received from the Jewish leaders. Together they all prayed. They acknowledged that God had a plan and a purpose for the persecution. They didn’t pray that the circumstances would change or even argue with God’s plans. Instead, they prayed that God would enable them to keep preaching with boldness...and He did! Do I pray for circumstances to change, or do I pray for boldness in the circumstances?

•Photo 2: Peter and John spoke about Jewish history and the prophets and the prophecies of the Old Testament in order to relate to their fellow Jews. Peter and John must have been highly educated to speak outside the temple and to be questioned by the Jewish rulers and priests. Nope. They were “unschooled, ordinary men.” But it was obvious they had been with Jesus. I don’t have to have a seminary education to tell about Christ. I just need to spend time with Jesus. His Word and the Holy Spirit will teach me and enable me. It’s encouraging to know that we aren’t limited by a formal education that may not be available to us!

What lesson is God teaching you right now?

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