Thursday, July 27, 2017

Video: July Five Faves | 5 Ways to Make Money

Hey everyone!  Here are a few EASY ways that I like to make a few bucks to cover things like my Netflix subscription or Amazon purchases!

Sorry for the lighting.  It was a very rainy, cloudy day, so I didn't have any natural light.  It's also blazing hot right now (over 100 degrees here!), so I didn't want to get out all the hot lights.  We're working with a ceiling fan light in this video.  I promise the content is worth it!  I didn't want to wait any longer to get these tips to you!

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­čĺ▓Checkout 51:

­čĺ▓Receipt Hog:
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­čĺ▓Receipt Pal:


Click the link to get a Welcome Bonus with qualifying purchase!

­čĺ▓User Testing:

­čĺ▓User Feel:

­čĺ▓eBay, online yard sales, consignment stores, flea markets

Tell me in the comments your favorite ways to make and save money!

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