Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Embroidered Antlers & Baseball Tees

How many raglan tees is too many raglan tees?  It's all I want to wear this fall!  I found these Rawlings shirts at Academy.  They come in adult and youth sizes and are $8.99 and under.  All the ones I saw in store were white, but there was a lot of sleeve color options.  I almost picked up the pink sleeves!  (Order through ebates to get 3% cash back!)

I love this antler design from Boutique Fonts.  The fonts are also from Boutique Fonts.

I first embroidered the antlers on woodgrain upholstery material for Harlow.  I haven't decided yet if it's going to be made into a banner or a pillow or what, but for now it's hanging in her room as you see in the photo.  I made it months ago and finally felt like it was the right season to hang it.  I used Sew What Pro to combine the antlers and initial, putting the initial behind the antlers.

I secretly wanted to use the antlers for myself, and I thought it would look good on a baseball tee for fall.  Using Sew What Pro, I put the M initial in front of the antler (opposite of what I did for Harlow).

The final shirt with the initials is for my mom.

Baseball tees for everyone!  :)

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